Welcome to Slater Road Baptist Church

Whether you’re hungry for God’s word; lost, hurt, lonely, full of questions or looking for a Baptist church home… there’s a place for you at Slater Road Baptist Church in North Fort Myers.

Small Baptist Church with a Big Heart

John Edwards pastors a small, traditional Independent Baptist church in North Fort Myers, Florida, that is growing each week with excited people eager to do God’s service. It is our desire here at Slater Road Baptist Church that you come worship with us, singing God’s praises in songs and hymns, and learn more about how God is working. It is also our desire that, as you hear God’s Word preached from our pulpit, you will come to know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, and see life in a fresh, new way.

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God’s Way

Salvation through Jesus Christ is first and foremost here at Slater Road Baptist Church In North Fort Myers… but that’s not all. We strive to have a traditional, vibrant discipleship helping Christians grow in knowledge and faith. We focus on the time honored teaching of the traditional King James Bible that has been tested and cherished through the ages. God has used this wonderful book to change lives, repair families, lift the spirits, train the follower, convict the sinner and found this great nation where we worship and serve. Get Directions to Heaven Here.


Ready to Serve

Whether you are looking for a church with a nursery, a vibrant children’s ministry, or good ol’ fashioned, traditional preaching, we’re ready to serve here at Slater Road Baptist Church in North Fort Myers. 

A Unique Experience

Here at Slater Road Baptist Church we love to have the opportunity to share God’s Word with people of all ages and backgrounds. We have discovered that people in Florida come from all over the world; and in so doing, have learned a variety of different things. Here at Slater Road Baptist Church we preach it straight from the traditional King James Bible cutting through religious barriers with the truth from the Word of God.


We are a traditional, missions minded church. We partner with missionaries from all around the world knowing that we can help be a part in getting God’s precious word out. We also feel that there is no greater mission field than the one outside of our doors, so reaching the people of North Fort Myers is our main missions field.

Take a look Around

Come Visit us at Slater Road Baptist Church in North Fort Myers. You’ll find a family of God who enjoys coming to church and worshiping Him as He desires and deserves. We invite you to take a look around, maybe have lunch with us and get to know us. We think you’ll enjoy serving God here with us.