Welcome! We are excited that you are interested in learning more about Slater Road Baptist Church in North Fort Myers, Florida.

Slater Road Baptist Church in North Fort Myers is a family of believers in Jesus Christ, firmly dedicated to traditional preaching and teaching the truths of the Word of God. Our church meets on Sundays and Wednesdays to worship God in songs, hymns and spiritual songs; old fashioned preaching; creative teaching; and engaging fellowship.

Our Sunday morning services are a great opportunity to worship with others, and be motivated to live a more Godly life through the messages from the pulpit.


Whether you have never been to church, you’ve been hundreds of times, or you are returning from a long absence, we invite you to get to know us here at Slater Road Baptist Church in North Fort Myers and more importantly, to have a saving knowledge in Jesus Christ. We invite you to have a look around our website, learn more about us, and begin to discover what God has in store for you!

The new, old way

Sounds different, but it’s true. For 30 years churches across the country have sought to become more modern, even progressive, bringing in entertainment and setting aside the truth of the Word of God for merely teaching “the principle” instead. This teaching has led to the unsaved viewing Christians as shallow, not offering anything they can’t get already from their worldly ways.

We here at Slater Road Baptist Church in North Fort Myers want to teach the traditional, good ‘ol fashioned Gospel followed by strong leadership and teaching of the truth of the world of God. So you see this is a “new” way of thinking. We want to approach the word of God honestly with no preconceived notions; allowing God’s word to teach and mold us. With this new, old approach we look to God to mend lives and relationships, foster hope and friendships and show the people of North Fort Myers what it is to be a Bible believing Christian.

We hope to see you soon!