Pastor Whaley

I was born in Florence, Ky, to Glen and Dorothy Whaley. I was the last of nine children, all of which were raised in a Christian home, attending Kento Boo Baptist Church, where my father had been a deacon since 1947. We were the family that everyone describes as being in church every time the doors were open. I can truthfully say I grew up in church. Most of my earliest memories are of church and church activities. My father was not only a deacon, but RA and Brotherhood Director, as well as Adult Men’s Sunday School teacher, Nursing Home Ministry Director, and a myriad of other positions in the church.

My mother taught Sunday School and sang in the choir, worked in the Nursery, etc… We grew up understanding that being a Christian meant serving the Lord and that He must be first in our lives. When I was 11 years old, I walked down the aisle and told the preacher I wanted to be a Christian. I went through the classes he had us go through and was baptized. Unfortunately, that decision was not sincere. I had a head knowledge of God, Jesus and the Bible, but my heart had not changed. I attended church faithfully until I was old enough to drive. My teenage years were spent about as far away from the Lord as someone could get.

I graduated Boone County High School in 1979, and was married to Patricia Peak on June 4, 1983. Though many of the activities I was involved in stopped, my relationship with the Lord remained unchanged. During this time, my mother had become very ill and was permanently bedridden. Patty and I would come and sit with my Mom on Tuesday nights so that my Dad could attend the Baptist Men’s meeting. Actually, most of us kids took a night and spent it with my mom to help my Dad out. Every Tuesday night, my Mom would ask me if I had been in church the last Sunday. I would tell her no, and give her all the excuses why I wasn’t in church. She would always remind me that I needed to be in church and that there was nothing more important.

For nearly three years we would follow the same routine, she would ask, I would respond, she would encourage me to be in church. My mother became sicker and sicker, and it became more and more difficult for me to deny her request that I be in church, so finally I agreed that I would be in church that next Sunday. I went, and God immediately began to speak to my heart. That next Tuesday, when my Mother asked me if I had been in church, I was able to say yes for the first time in years. She was so happy.I’m glad that I was able to make her happy. Three weeks later, My Mom died. At her funeral, the preacher said, ” If you know the same Jesus as Dorothy Whaley knew, then this was not a good bye, you will see her again someday.” I knew then that I would not see my Mother again. There at my Mother’s funeral, I asked Jesus into my heart, sincerely. Right away God began using me in the church, from Sunday School teacher, Outreach Director, Deacon, to nearly every committee and ministry in the church.

No matter what I did, I always felt that God wanted more from me, Finally, three years later, I realized God was calling me into the ministry. Easter Sunday, April 3, 1989, I walked down the aisle in Kento Boo Baptist Church and accepted God’s call into the gospel ministry. I began attending Clear Creek Baptist Bible College that fall, graduating in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ministry. I started pastoring Oak Island Baptist Church in 1989 and have been pastoring ever since. I have continued my education through New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Andersonville Theological Seminary, expecting to receive my Master of Divinity in the spring of 2020.

I have pastored churches in KY, SC and FL. Most recently I have accepted the call to pastor Slater Road Baptist Church. As with every church I pastor, my desire here is to faithfully preach God’ Word, seeing the lost come to faith in Jesus, and seeing believers grow in their relationship with the Lord.

God has blessed Patty and I with two wonderful children, Tricia and Jonathan, and though they are grown they still continue to bring us great happiness and are the joys of our lives.